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New technologyTechnology

New technology

Aiming at niche top, we are actively working on the development of products and technology development in new fields.

Owned Technology

Owned Technology・Development environment
Device CPU, DSP, SoC, ARM(Zynq, Intel SoC, Sitara), DSP, SH, NiosⅡ, MicroBlaze, FPGA, CPLD, Intel, Xilinx
Development language / Tool

C, C++, Python, MATLAB, Visual Studio, C++Builder, OpenCV

VHDL, Verilog-HDL, Quartus, VIVADO, Simulink, SDSoC

Verification・Sim ModelSim, Spice, LintTool
Network・Interface TCP/IP, USB, PCI-Express, Cyber security

Linux, μITRON

Windows Embedded, Windows10

Image・Signal processing Labeling, color difference judgment, affine transformation, pattern matching, JPEG compression, color conversion, position correction, FFT, HOG, SVM, CNN, etc.

Development System

Digital Circuit Design

We offer digital circuit design technology, such as peripheral circuit design for microcomputers and circuit design using FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array).
By applying this technology, we are working on the development of products related to image processing, communication equipment, control and video.

[Design Concept]


    Simple circuit


    Smart design from upstream processes


    Operating speed improvement

Firmware Design

Firmware refers to software embedded in equipment to perform basic control of the hardware. We are designing software that can extract 100% of the performance of various self-developed control boards.
By controlling self-developed hardware with self-developed software, it is possible to perform system design optimized for details such as responsiveness, reliability, and accuracy.

[Design Concept]

  • HARD
  • +

    = Realization of optimized system

  • SOFT