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To the company that creates "impressed" with technology and Integrity that are worldwide

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Corporate Profile

Corporate Name PAL Inc.
Established September 1992
Capital 10,000,000yen
Representative Hiroyuki Yabuuchi, Representative Director
Number of employees 44
Main financing banks
  • Kagawa Bank Yashima Branch,
  • 114 Bank Higashi Branch,
  • Shoko Chukin Bank Takamatsu Branch
Description of Business
  • Development and manufacturing of hardware and software for microcomputer application systems;
  • Development and manufacturing of industrial electronic control equipment/inspection equipment;
  • Supply of OEM products;
  • Development and manufacturing of image processing systems;
  • Development and manufacturing of microwave application sensors;
  • Engineering services related to the above


Technical strength + Integrity

Our top priority is the happiness of our customers and the pursuit of
the true nature of requests from the customers' perspective
by adding human power to our complex technology.
We think that the focus should always be people
and aim to become a passionate technology group.

In accordance with customer requests, we hope that customers will feel security, benefit (advantage) and surprise by offering services "one rank higher" than what is required. We aim to make good products by not only just completing what we were asked to do, but also using our expertise in manufacturing and thinking with our customers.


September 1992 PAL Inc. was established in Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa.
Development and start of OEM supply of optical flaw inspection system for image processing Development of other industrial electronic measurement/control systems mainly for specific users
February 1999 Obtained ISO 9001 Quality System certification
April 1999 Participation in the regional consortium research and development project,Research and development of cross-sectional maintenance technology
April 2000 Participation in the regional consortium research and development project, Development of flexible appearance sensory evaluation device incorporating human color sense
August 2002 Participation in the regional consortium research and development project,Development of hematopoietic and stromal stem cell culturing device
July 2003 Participation in the regional consortium research and development project, Development of high-resolution absolute-type displacement measuring system using standing waves
July 2004 Development of 2D multi-point colorimetric system using CCDs was adopted for the practical application research and development project (Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)
July 2006 Received certification for new collaboration support project (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)
February 2007 Selected for Ashihara research and development subsidized project of FY2006
Participation in the Kagawa satellite development project
August 2007 Relocated to Hayashi-cho,Takamatsu-Shi,Kagawa(in Kagawa Intelligent Park) for business expansion
February 2008 Received Digital Technology Certification, Minister of Education Science and Technology Award (Team)
August 2009 Line-type intrusion monitoring system adopting microwave sensor was certified as FY2009 new business field pioneer of Kagawa prefecture new product production
March 2011 Received the Shikoku Industrial Technology Grand Prize, Technological Achievement Award, Highest Award
April 2012 Received the Fourth Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award, Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Bureau Chief Award
July 2012 Opened Tokyo Sales Office for business expansion
July 2015 Development of rear and lateral obstacle sensor that can predict risks dedicated to large vehicles was adopted as the FY2015 strategic fundamental technology sophistication support project


Please contact Tokyo Sales Office when making inquiries.

  • Head Office

    Locations 2217-2, Hayashi-cho, Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa 761-0301 Japan
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