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BRAST Security Vision UnitBSV12 / BSV12R

BRAST Security Vision Unit

Counterterror and Security for critical infrastructure such power plant and airport.
False alarms and missing alarms are extraordinary decreased by employment of 3D image processing.

BSV12 / BSV12R, BRAST Security Vision Unit is to detect intruder by analyzing video of analog camera and IP camera in real time. This unit makes output of alarm signal as well as detection video incase of intrusion.


Easy additional installation of detection of moving objects Achieving detection of moving objects by adding the product to your system.
Extraordinary less false alarm and missing alarm Achieving extraordinary reduction of false alarm and missing alarm by 3D image processing.
Made in Japan All made in Japan by Japanese design,full support and maintenance.
Adapted to various video input Adapted to video of analog camera and IP camera,complete cyber security measures.


  • Model BSV12 / BSV12R
    External dimensions BSV12 :
    (the body , includes DIN rail mounting brackets)
    BSV12R :
    (the body , includes rack mounting attachment)
    Analog input / output Resolusion : 720x480
    Flame rate : 10fps
    Weight BSV12 : 590g
    BSV12R : 540g
    Streaming input IP video streaming : H.264
    Resolusion : Max 720x480
    Frame rate : 9fps
    Protocol : RTP/RTSP
    Power supply DC10~26V
    Digital video output IP video streaming : H.264 , M JPEG
    Resolusion : 780x480
    Frame rate : According to input rate
    Stream delivery : max 10 streams
    Protocol : RTP/RTSP , RTP/RTSP over HTTP
    Stream receiving:1 Stream
    Protocol:RTP/RTSP,RTP/RTSP over HTTP
    RTP/RTSP over HTTPS(future correspondence)
    Consumption Power BSV12 : 18W (Max)
    BSV12R : 17W (Max)
    Network Security:HTTPS, Password protection, IEEE802.1X(EAP-TLS, PEAP)
    Protocol:HTTPS, SSH, SNTP, TCP/IP, UDP/IP, IEEE802.1X
    Operating ambient temperature 0~60ºC(No freezing and condensation)
    Camera input NTSC X 1 , IP X 1
    Storage ambient temperature -20~60ºC(No freezing and condensation)
    Output image NTSC X 1 , IP X 1
    Operating humidity limits 20~90%RH(No freezing and condensation)
    I/F LAN×1 , Alarm output×2 , Inspection output×1 , Monitoring ON/OFF external input×1
    Attachment options Storage rack
    BV-RKA ( AC power supply model )
    BV-RKD ( DC power supply model )

Outline drawing (Unit: mm)


    ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    ※As for the products shown in this catalog, we assume no responsibility in the event of any theft, accident causing injury or death, disaster, and environmental disruption as well as any accident damage by misuse of the equipment insufficient maintenance checks, acts of God (including lighting-induced surge), or the like.


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