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Accident prevention Unit for large trucksSEES-1000

Accident prevention Unit for large trucks

Detect "people" existing in the blind spot, call attention to the driver!

Accident prevention Unit for large trucks detects the "pedestrian" "bicycle" "bike" in the danger area with the camera installed at the side mirror lower side, and issues a warning with the alarm sound and the image to the driver, thereby involving Prevent accidents beforehand.


Detects more than 99% of vulnerable road users through special image processing technology
Monitor the dangerous area with a small camera
Warn the driver with sound, light and video


Model SEES-1000
function Detection target Bike・Bicycle・Pedestrian (90 ~ 200 cm)
Detection range 1.5 m to 12 m behind the side camera
Detection environment Illuminance about 300 Lux or more (until sunset)
Identification unit Power supply DC12V・DC24V(15W)
Camera input NTSC 2ch side camera, external camera
Monitor output NTSC 1ch (monitor power supply DC 12V maximum 1A)
External video output terminal NTSC 1ch (Drive recorder etc.)
Warning display function Lamp output 2 channel remote control input
alarm Built-in speaker body/ LINE output on monitor
Input (+) External camera display / warning sound output
Output (+) Detection image selection
Outline / mass W 157 × H 113 × D 54 mm / about 1.1 kg
temperature Operation: -20 ~ + 60℃ Storage: -40 ~ + 80℃
camera Number of pixels CMOS Approximately 350,000 pixels
Outline / mass 55 x 110 mm / about 0.5 kg (including camera holder)
Operating temperature -40 to + 85℃ 
Warning indicator light warning Mark flashing (red)
in action Φ3 mm (red)
Outline / Material W35 × H75 × D12 mm / ABS
temperature Operation: -20 ~ + 60 ℃ Storage: -40 ~ + 80℃ 
accessories Setting remote control With remote control battery for setting
Mounting bracket Screw mounting plate 2 pieces Mounting screw M4
Camera mounting bracket
Cables Power supply / signal cable
Camera extension cable

Outline drawing (Unit: mm)